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World War 2- A to Z

Many of the veterans who served in WWII have died and with those deaths goes our tangible national memory of this horrible piece of world history. This is a year long class that explores WWI, in depth. We will analyze events to determine why it started, when and where and how. It didn’t start at the same time for everyone! We will investigate the countries involved and those who remained neutral. There will be discussions about the differences between fascism, communism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism (lots of isms.) We will also try to figure out how the German, Italians and Japanese people allowed the takeover of their governments by those who were determined to rule the world. Time will be spent looking at famous individuals, but also at the common person. We will discuss the Holocaust and its impact then and now. Primary source material will be used including, documentaries, letters, political cartoons and more. Full year class ages 12 and up.