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Throughout history, women have comprised about 50% of the human population. However, if you read history, even a little bit of history, you soon realize that women are rarely mentioned. Why is that? Well this class will introduce you to some of history's most amazing women as well as the impact of women in every day life. We will look at women in Africa, China, Europe, the Americas even the Antarctic! The dates will cover ancient history to the modern day. We will discuss the importance of women in history, even though they did not receive the official acknowledgment that men received. So let's change that and check out these women in history.

Considering the place of women in history does not simply expand our understanding of events, but reshapes that understanding. Therefore, it is important to think about women, and gender more broadly, as more than adding voices to the historical record. By investigating women in history, we gain a new way to understand social relations at every level—the personal and the political, the local, the national, and even the international.