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Serial Killers.  We see them in movies, TV shows and read about them in best selling books. In general, society seems to have a fascination with these individuals.  But, who are these people that violate every more of our human moral code? Are they like Dexter from the popular TV show or do they follow the path of the villain in Silence of the Lambs? Why does someone become a serial killer and why is the public so fascinated with them?

We will begin our class by discovering “normal psychology” and then move into abnormal psychology. We will look into the different types of serial killers and spree killers in the United States and around the world.  Students will also examine the experiences and aftermath of the victims' families and the families of the serial killers.  Other areas studied will be techniques law enforcement uses to track and apprehend these criminals, team serial killers and women who are serial killers.  We will then apply that information to case studies of some infamous serial killers.

1 semester class