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Modern China: A seminar type class, this unit seeks to present the history of China from approximately 1900 to the present.

China and its’ influence can be found almost everywhere. We can look to the products we purchase, the materials we use, and the world population explosion to gain an understanding of the impact China has in our world. How has China become such a powerful economic and cultural force? What does the future hold for China and the world?

This class will require a great deal of reading outside of class, it is imperative that the student read the information in order to participate in the class discussion and analysis. Many of the articles are on the same topic, but from different points of view.

Suggested text: The Search for Modern China by Jonathan Spence, any edition (we only utilize a few chapters from this book, so unless your student has an avid interest in Chinese history, please don’t purchase. I can provide excerpts as needed.

Other Information

Students will be assigned to write one 3-5 page paper on the topic of the long march. This will be assigned approximately at the 4th class. Depending on the students’ level of writing experience, I will work with them to develop an outline and structure for the paper.

Students will also read one book on the topic of the cultural revolution, we will discuss these books in class (approximately class 8.)