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Types of Classes

Many of the courses I offer are history or social studies based classes for middle school to high school level students. I also offer classes for younger students in the areas of world culture, history, social studies, geography and inventors and inventions.

Student Requested Classes

I love to tailor classes for students and offer classes upon request with a minimum of 4 to 6 students.  Classes have often been held in my home in South Minneapolis or local coffee shops. Generally, classes are either full year classes or semester length.  

  • PHS Fall semester classes run 12 weeks.
  • PHS Winter/Spring semester classes run 16 weeks.


Fees for classes run between $13-$15 per (1.25 to 1.5 hour), per student, plus any required supply fee.

Classes offered at Planet Homeschool  2018 & 2019

Psychology of a Serial Killer - PHS Fall 2018

US Government & Civics (full year class) PHS Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Parapsychology, Cryptozoology & Other Stuff - PHS Fall 2018

Cults & Extreme Religions Part 1- PHS Fall 2018

LGBTQ History - PHS Spring 2019

Moot Court/Mock Trial - PHS Spring 2019

Cults & Extreme Religions Part 2 - PHS Spring 2019

Medieval History - Fall 2018


Additional Classes Offered upon request and during different terms at Planet Homeschool

Ancient World History

Cults & Extreme Religions 

Ethics & Technology 

Gruesome Fairy Tales 

Government & Civics

History Through Conspiracy Theories

Life of Shakespeare

Medieval History

MN History for Middle School

Modern China

Modern World History & Current Events

Mock & Moot Court

Parapsychology, Cryptozoology & Other Stuff

Psychology of a Serial Killer

Tales with a Twist

US History-Reconstruction to 1970

Women in History

World Explorers- Ages 7-9

World War 2 A to Z