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Theresa Redfern-Hall graduated from a women’s liberal arts college in the Midwest. She has a BA in Paralegal Studies and has spent time working on an MA in Library and Information Science at the College of St. Catherine. Over the years, Theresa has worked as a legal assistant in a law office, an advocate for battered women, a court reporter and bailiff for county court judges and a volunteer coordinator for a women’s shelter.

Her homeschooling journey began with the birth of her oldest child in 1995. Since that time, she has been involved in area homeschooling groups, co-ops, study groups, an Independent Peabody Tester and currently works with Homeschool Boss a company that offers NWEA MAP Growth tests to Homeschool students.

Theresa has taught at PlanetHomeschool since 2008 and began teaching at STAR Academy in 2014. She loves working with students and helping them make connections between their lives and the subjects she teaches. Since not every student learns in the same way, her goal is to present information in a variety of forms and mediums that appeal to all types of learners. She has even been accused of making learning fun.

Theresa and her spouse live in South Minneapolis with the occasional visit from their three children Sophia, Zane and Zoe. Her household also includes a huge dog, 2 tiny dogs, and occassionally a grandpet or two. She loves research, learning about history and teaching history and uses genealogy research as a good excuse for buying lots of history books. Her motto for life and learning is "Question everything." 

Sophia Zane Zoe